Section Builder

Section Builder 8.1

Create rod section forms, calculate and analyze their geometric properties
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Section Builder is intended for creating arbitrary compound sections from steel rolled shapes and plates, as well as calculating their geometric properties. Section Builder determines:
- cross-section area A;
- moments of inertia Iy and Iz values about central axes parallel to the coordinate axes of the right
Cartesian coordinates system Y and Z;
- radii of inertia iy and iz about the same axes;
- moment of inertia at free torsion It;
- coordinates of the gravity centre;
- value of the angle of inertia principal central axes (the angle α between U-axis and Y-axis);
- maximum Iu and minimum Iv moments of inertia;
- maximum iu and minimum iv radii of inertia;
- maximum Wu and minimum Wu-resisting moments about the U-axis;
- maximum Wv and minimum Wv- resisting moments about the V-axis;
- radius of gyration from U-axis along the positive (au ) and negative (au-) directions of V-axis;
- radius of gyration from V-axis along the positive (av ) and negative (av-) directions of U-axis.

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